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[ Hola followers, Wasa here, first day of uni and it was quite alright. I found out that apparently graduations happening next year will result in me apparently getting honours? 

And I’m also trying to schmoozle my way into being a research assistant for the company I’m doing my thesis with right now because eugh I love them and I just gotta show them I’m not a silly goose of an engineer. 

I’ll try to get drafts done but I can’t make any promises on busting a few baller moves and getting them out there on the dashboard. The same can be said tomorrow because I’m seeing 1984 with the ladies.

Here have my face


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Panic is turning up to the labs and finding three months worth of thesis work sample missing.

Pure blind murderous rage is finding three months worth of thesis work samples being misplaced and put in another umdergraduate’s sample box.

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[ I’m making a valiant attempt at going to uni and repolishing my samples and acquiring better images all tomorrow. Which probably isn’t super seriously going to happen because going to uni at 8am on Mondays is atrocious but hey. I’m trying to bribe myself with coffee. So people are in my ask and my drafts, I’ll get back to you after I kick ass and take names and appropriately label my microscopy images. So this is Wasa, saying g’nite to all you hombres out there. ]

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But understanding a thing and accepting it are so very different things.

Kat Zhang, What’s Left of Me (via quotes-shape-us)

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Homemade fire tornado!
Video (x)
'Splanation (x)


Homemade fire tornado!

Video (x)

'Splanation (x)

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