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So Sally and I were having a conversation the other day and we somehow ended up talking about how Loki probably secretly loves Christmas (normal conversation stuff), what with the reindeer helm and the fact he color coordinates like Buddy the Elf.

Which led then to this gifset. Sorry not sorry.

And bonus:

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"There’s a value to everything, and the more you resist something, the more you make out of it. Everybody has things that they’re quietly resisting doing, and a good day for them is when one of those resistances come and directly confronts them. And I realized that, in [the studio’s] defense, I hadn’t exactly played Mister Johnny Handgun or some guy who was a semi-sexy, charming, billionaire type guy who then you’re going to put in this big machine and believe that he’s going to kick ass and save the world. But I like proving grounds. I like those crucibles that people have to go through. I wouldn’t wish the anxiety of them on an enemy, but I also know that if I’d been spared a single one of them, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Robert Downey Jr on the value of an audition

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Nonsexual acts of Intimacy - Select from the following for my muse to respond to...

♔ : Finding your muse wearing their clothes
♕: Holding hands
♖: Having their hair washed by your muse
♗: Your muse falling asleep with their head in my muse's lap.
♘: Cuddling in a blanket fort
♙: Sharing a bed
♚: Head scratches
♛: Sharing a dessert
♜: Shoulder rubs
♝: Reading a book together
♞: Caring for each other while ill (specify which party is which)
♟: Patching up a wound
♤: Taking a bath together
♧: Your muse playing with their hair
♡: Accidentally falling asleep together
♢: Forehead or cheek kisses
♠: Your muse adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.
♣: Back scratches
♥: Your muse crying about something
♦: Slow dancing
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So the purpose of this meme is to give a little info on your muses without having to rely on others to fill your ask with meme questions. I know how disappointing it can be to come back to an empty ask so I wanted to create a meme that anyone and everyone can do (mun and muse). The rules are simple, you do not need to be tagged to fill out the questions, but once you have you must repost and tag 10 of your followers to spread the love (as well as add a question of your own to the bonus section). You can fill it out as many times as your heart desires (we all know muses can change with their character development.)

10 Questions:

1. What is your favorite word?:

Mun: Freedom
Tony: Sex

2. What is your least favorite word?:

Mun: Failure
Tony: Nothing

3. What turns you on?:

Mun: Adventure and mental stimulation
Tony: Danger

4. What turns you off?: 

Tony: Awful technology

5. What sound do you love?:

Mun: Laughter
Tony: Workshop Noises

6. What sound do you hate?:

Mun: The sound of a fork on a ceramic plate.
Tony: A sound that’s not supposed to happen

7. What is your favorite curse word?:

Mun:  Fuck
Tony: Fuck

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?:

Mun: Pilot
Tony: Does mechanic count?

9. What profession would you not like to do?:

Mun: Law
Tony: Pepper’s job

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?:

Mun: You’re insane. But I enjoyed that.
Tony: You think I’d leave you down there?

Bonus Questions:

1. Something most people don’t know about you?:

Mun: The things that keep me up at night
Tony: The things that keep me up at night

2. Sexual Preference?:

Mun: Demi/Sapio?
All of the above

3. What position do you sleep in?:

Mun: Curled up, hugging and burying my face in a pillow
Tony: Sprawled.

4. Favorite sexual position?:

Mun: I’ve never, so…
Tony: Depends on the person

5. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?:

Mun: A friendship that messed/messes with my head.
Tony: Christmas

6. Is there anyone you secretly have a crush on?

Mun: It’s kind of obvious.
Tony:  It’s kind of obvious. 

I Tag: if anyone's interested go for it.

[ My brain has been on the fritz lately and for that I apologise. Ugh. So I don’t know how active I’ll be this weekend because I’ve decided to hit the surf. With a really shitty board that’s going to break in half. But yolo I need it more than I had originally realised. It’s gonna be sick. So here’s a heads up. ]

[ Berfie I was reading your munday thing and saw ‘considered mean’ and it took me about five minutes to understand what that meant because I was like what the fuck kind of question is that? Thinking that it was you know, mathematical mean rather than a dickhead. ]

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[10:05:27 AM] Nicole: here have a panel of iron men shooting nat in the chest
[10:05:54 AM] tonyandhisbots: n i c o l e

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Natasha: I’ll assume the red and gold blur I saw was Tony. And my bruised ribs were from his repulsors.Tony: Watch out!Natasha: Every mission is a learning experience. Every scar is a mental note.

From Strange Tales #2, by Matt Kindt.


Natasha: I’ll assume the red and gold blur I saw was Tony. And my bruised ribs were from his repulsors.
Tony: Watch out!
Natasha: Every mission is a learning experience. Every scar is a mental note.

From Strange Tales #2, by Matt Kindt.