Unlikely Allies || Natasha & Tony

He hadn’t expected this to happen, or at least, so quickly. He hadn’t expected for SHIELD - for the Council to take control, take action and change everything they fought for, everything the good people of the world had believed in. They were no longer the Avengers, the ones who, if they couldn’t protect the Earth, they damn sure as hell were going to Avenge it. No, they were nothing more than criminals, a collection of people with extraordinary talents, big fish in a little pond - one too small for them to inhabit. 

The Council had gotten scared, they’d felt threatened, and so what did they do? Seep through the minds of the people. It was small at first, subliminal messaging, planting the tiniest seeds of doubts in the minds of everyone - the Avengers weren’t all they were cracked up to be. They weren’t heroes, no, they were people who were too dangerous to be trusted, out for their own good, and they had to be eradicated. 

And then they began to send out frequencies, unable to be heard by a regular human, unable to really be detected. It was an experimental project of theirs, using the waves to alter the minds of the people, change their way of thinking. It was then, when the Avengers had been dubbed the enemy. 

It didn’t stop there.

Then there was the memory wipe - Rogers first, erasing every piece of information he knew of his hero identity. He was no longer the Star Spangled Man with a Plan, no, that was just a guy from the comics back in the 60’s. Now? In 2013? He was Steven Rogers, just your average American guy. They went after each Avenger, until there’d only been two left, or so it seemed.

Tony and Natasha. 

Tony’d gone underground the moment he knew that he had been a target. Being the only hero who had been unmasked, and being so well known, it had been an issue, and once again he had to fight with a legacy - the one he had built himself. Pockets stuffed in his hand, he walked with his head down through the alleyway, the darkness becoming an unlikely ally for him. He paused, looking around for a certain redhead, and the only woman he could trust.