» OOC: I have so much shit to get through

People who are in my drafts - I’ll get to you guys as soon as I can, I’m just tired as fuck because of all this crap I have to do.

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Also - hey there new followers! Thanks for stopping by, and I do hope you enjoy the ride. If not, I’m sorry, it’s one of those non-refundable things. 

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Feel free to harass my ask box. I’m here most days, lurking while at uni and on skype and hey, if you’re bored then hit me up on there :)!

I would like to tell people that my replying and whatnot is slower than normal and to those I said I’d plot with, don’t think I’m not interested, I just have a metric fuckton of shit to do.  

I’ll probably be doing draft dumps to make life easier on me and remind people that I’ve replied to them, just so shit’s organised. But yeah. 

Happy roleplaying guys :)

*collapses onto bed*